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Specify KornerBoard

Specifying KornerBoard is as easy as installing it!   

KornerBoard saves time, money and provides crisp corners for gypsum board fabrications.  Typical uses include soffits and ceiling profiles which are not subject to abrasion since KornerBoard does not use metal or plastic corner bead.  Some owners now prefer KornerBoard at all locations, but the scope for each project should be reviewed with the design team to specify shop-fabricated gypsum board shapes.

Accept no substitutions there is only one KornerBoard!

Simply click on the link below to add the following language to your specifications in Section 092900 - Gypsum Board.  Contact one of our locations with any questions about our specs or our products. 

Click here for the 09200 KornerBoard Specification

Click here to Download Submittals and MSDS

Less Taping Means

  • Less dust and a faster, cleaner, finished detail
  • Great for use in occupied space and where dust control is of the utmost importance (Hospitals, Labs, etc.) 


  • 25% less than traditional premade columns, with half the lead time.
  • Octagons are now a cost effective and unique alternative to round columns.

KornerBoard is GREEN

  • Custom made shapes, mean minimal waste on the job site.
  • All scrap is recycled and/or reused at our facility.